Prenatal care can be effective in preventing myopia in children

With the more and more universal myopia, the trend of younger age, prevention and treatment of myopia is increasingly concerned about the parents and students from all walks of life. But one thing is often overlooked by people, that is, During Pregnancy, the mother should pay attention to the protection of children’s eyes.

Modern medical research shows that human eye development is mainly in the early stages of pregnancy, that is, the first 40 days of pregnancy. At this time should be good pregnant women’s health work, strengthen disease prevention, pay attention to eating high protein and vitamin-rich foods, increase resistance, not drinking, smoking and random medication. If pregnant women suffer from rubella at this time, fever, or by other viruses and bacteria, coupled with improper medication, it will give birth to the normal development of the fetus to bring some adverse effects, resulting in congenital eye disease, myopia is one of them . Of course, if both parents are highly myopic, their children have a higher prevalence of myopia than their average person due to genetic causes, but the situation will improve if care is taken during pregnancy.

The pathogenesis of myopia, medical scientists to study more than 200 years of history. They conducted a large number of investigations and studies on lighting, reading position, diet, ventilation and other various hypotheses, but so far failed to reveal the fundamental mechanism of myopia, but also can not effectively prevent the incidence of myopia. For nearly 30 years, medical scientists have found in basic research that if the animals can not get a clear image on the retina, the axial length will increase, causing myopia and depriving it of the form. The current research has begun to microstructure and biochemistry in-depth, revealing the mechanism of myopia is of great significance. Clinical investigation found that people suffering from congenital cataracts, optic atrophy, ptosis embolism, the affected eyes have obvious myopia. One of the common features in these eye diseases is that they suffer some damage early in their eye development, resulting in increased axial length and deprivation of shape, which is why congenital myopia.

The critical period of human visual development is 1-2 years old, when the vast majority of infants and young children’s eye is not yet mature, then pay attention to the child’s eye protection, not to let them be affected by bright light, dietary attention to vitamin A and calcium supplements, Of course, you can not neglect to develop the correct attitude of looking at things. But in order for the children to have a pair of bright eyes, it should be a little earlier, starting from the maternal health care.

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Article: Prenatal care can be effective in preventing myopia in children


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