Pregnant women with high blood sugar how to do?

Once the high blood sugar in pregnant women, will bring very negative impact on the fetus. This effect is multifaceted, such as intrauterine malnutrition, fetal teratogenicity, huge fetuses and so on. Pregnant women should pay attention to the symptoms of high blood sugar, the following measures can help pregnant women to lower blood sugar.

1, Develop healthy recipes

The first detection of excessive blood sugar after the doctor’s advice to control the diet, many expectant mothers to late weight gain too fast, then it is easy to cause obesity During Pregnancy, pregnancy will naturally lead to excessive blood sugar, the doctor help arrange a reasonable pregnancy recipe , In strict accordance with the recipe of pregnancy to diet, in addition to regular review, until the index down smoothly before they can feel at ease.

2, To ensure a balanced diet

Control of pregnant women, elevated blood sugar, while ensuring the normal development of the fetus. The principle of dietary treatment is: pregnant women do not lose weight, adjust the proportion of food structure and calorie according to body shape; eat less meals, the best points 3 meals, 3 small meals; eat low sugar fruit; vegetables 400-500 grams per day, Not less than 50% of vegetables.

3, Control starch intake

Many patients with high blood sugar and pregnant women do not know which foods are high in starch and which foods are low in starch. Starchy foods are roughly broad beans, potatoes, vermicelli, baked bran, oil gluten and so on. Pregnant women with high blood sugar or do not eat these foods as well.

4, Eat less and have more meals

Take the principle of eating less and more meals, so that food can be digested and absorbed as much as possible, while eating less meat and vegetables, eat less rice, fruit should not exceed 200 grams per day, to choose between 2 meals, sugar Temporarily do not eat high quantities of food, if you worry about eating less fruit vitamins, you can use vegetables to make up for lack of vitamins, vitamins and not only exist in the fruits, vegetables must contain. What is the high sugar content of the fruit? Apples, strawberries, bananas, watermelons, cherries, cantaloupes, cantaloupes, etc. In short, all the sweet fruits should not be touched until the blood glucose level is stable before considering whether to continue eating.

5, From the coarse grains in the intake of sugars

Pregnant women should take certain carbohydrate foods, mainly to provide heat, maintain normal metabolism, to avoid ketone body. Proposed to try to choose a higher fiber content unrefined staple food may be more conducive to the control of blood glucose, such as: brown rice or grain rice to replace the white rice, use whole-grain bread or bread and so on.

6, Do not eat sugary snacks

In addition to the fruit of other sweets have to temporarily listen, most women love sweet food, chocolate, wafer, biscuits, etc. These small snacks are pregnant mothers who like it, and almost at home essential, in order Own health and baby’s health control their own desires are worth it. If mothers feel hungry want to eat something, you can choose sugar-free cookies or soy milk and so on.

Tips: pregnant women, high blood sugar on the fetus and pregnant women themselves caused by the impact and harmless incalculable, it is proposed to participate early treatment.

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Article: Pregnant women with high blood sugar how to do?


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