Pregnant women to eat purple sweet potato porridge what are the benefits

Purple sweet potato contains a high iron element of calcium, for the prevention of physical diseases have a good effect, usually pregnant women can eat some sweet potato porridge, then pregnant women eat purple sweet potato porridge What are the benefits?

1, Enhance the body immunity

Purple sweet potato is rich in protein, 18 kinds of easily digested and absorbed amino acids, vitamins and selenium, zinc, iron, copper, manganese, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other natural mineral elements. Purple sweet potato has good health care functions, easy to be absorbed by the body, can stay in the serum, repair myocardium, enhance immunity and so on. Pregnant women have good health for themselves and their fetus.

2, To prevent constipation During Pregnancy

Purple sweet potato contains soft and rich dietary fiber, pregnant women eat can effectively relieve constipation during pregnancy, but also will not eat fat, is a good female body to maintain good ingredients.

3, Beauty skin care

Purple sweet potato rich in more vitamin B family, pregnant women can maintain skin elasticity of food, make the skin look more slippery and more flexible.

4, Anti-aging anti-disease

Purple sweet potato contains super antioxidants anthocyanin, can hinder the free radicals on the human body to prevent the body’s aging, not only from the skin, but also our brain and body organs. Pregnant women can also eat during pregnancy anti-cancer and anti-aging.

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Article: Pregnant women to eat purple sweet potato porridge what are the benefits


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