Pregnant women should eat 6 large nutritious food in winter

Cold winter, pregnant mother’s special physical needs more care and love. The usual diet table We can eat these materials to cook delicious and nutritious food.

Pregnant women should eat 6 large nutritious food in winter

Honey can promote digestion and absorption, increase appetite, calm and sleep, improve the body’s resistance, to promote the growth and development of infants and young children have a positive effect. Honey contains almost all the nutrients in vegetables. Drink 3 – 4 tablespoons of honey daily in winter, both to supplement nutrition, but also to ensure smooth stool. Honey is still a natural beauty products. As an external moisturizing agent often rub on the skin’s epidermis, dermis play a direct nutritional role, can promote cell regeneration, enhance skin’s metabolism.

Raisins contain large amounts of glucose, the role of myocardial nutrition, contribute to the recovery of patients with coronary heart disease, due to the relative content of calcium, phosphorus and iron, and a large number of vitamins and amino acids, is the elderly, women and the infirm of anemic Jiapin, can make qi and blood, warm kidney, anemia, thrombocytopenia have a good effect on neurasthenia and over-fatigue have a better nourishing effect. Or women sick diet Jiapin.

Pregnant women eat some chocolate daily have a positive impact on the behavior of the baby after birth. The researchers found that babies born to pregnant women who ate chocolate During Pregnancy preferred to smile or be happy after six months of life, compared with babies born to pregnant women who seldom eat chocolate during pregnancy. Pregnant women, after eating chocolate, pass on this chemical to infants who are developing in their mother’s body, making them active after birth, and especially after 6 months. But it should be reminded not to overdose.

Mutton animal food, not only high nutritional value, rich in protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, niacin, etc., the heat generated by pig meat, beef and other meat than high, and is tonic Good product. Eat more benefits in the winter lamb, it has increased heat, tonic cold, nourishing blood, warm the kidney and spleen, prevent physical injury and other effects. Mutton is maternal, the elderly, frail, cowardice winter nourishing share. As lamb is conducive to pregnant women and fetal growth and development of substances, no cause of epilepsy or other diseases, as long as normal consumption, harmless to pregnant women and fetuses, but will not cause disease in the fetus.

Pregnant women ate three to four times a week lean beef, each 60 to 100 grams, can prevent iron deficiency anemia, and can enhance immunity. Pregnant women’s demand for iron and zinc is 1.5 times the average person. The iron content per 100 grams of tendon is 3 milligrams, about 10% of iron recommended during pregnancy; 8.5 milligrams of zinc, about 77% of zinc recommended during pregnancy, nutritional value is higher than the average natural food. Lean beef also does not have a negative effect on blood cholesterol levels. Sufficient iron on the one hand to maintain the normal heme to carry oxygen to the brain and other vital organs, to protect the heart will not over-exertion, on the other hand can make the muscles produce enough energy, strong activity and not easy to fatigue. Symptoms of iron deficiency include fatigue, loss of energy, drowsiness, inattention, dizziness. Once the body stores iron depleted, it is easy to cause anemia. If women lose iron during pregnancy, postpartum should be promptly replenished, or body defects may be difficult to make up. Zinc benefits not only the development of the fetal nervous system but also the immune system, helping to maintain the health of the skin, bones and hair. Zinc deficiency of human immunity decreased, easy to get sick, the fetus’s nerve development is prone to adversely affect.

Shrimp contain high calcium. If pregnant women eat shrimp after no adverse reactions, such as allergies, abdominal pain, there is no problem. Excessive amount of shrimp or dried shrimp during pregnancy can add calcium, zinc and other trace elements, especially calcium can promote the growth of children. Shrimp can also promote brain development in young children. Therefore, as long as you have no adverse reactions to shrimp, you can eat more during pregnancy.

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Article: Pregnant women should eat 6 large nutritious food in winter


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