Pregnant women often eat potato chips to increase the risk of pregnancy

Potatoes are recognized as nutrient-rich foods in the world. Americans believe that eating only whole milk powder and potatoes for each meal, you can get all the nutrients the body needs. Potato protein contains 18 kinds of human body needs the amino acids, is a high quality protein. The protein contained in it can prevent cardiovascular diseases. The content of vitamin B1 in potato is also the highest in vegetables.

However, eating germinated, rotten potatoes can lead to human poisoning, how is this going? Originally, the potatoes contain a toxin called toxins, and solanine are more concentrated in the germination, turn green And festering part. It was determined that solanine per kilogram of potato shoots content up to 5200 mg, 60 to 65 times higher than the potato block.

Solanine is absorbed into the blood after hemolysis, but also paralysis of movement, respiratory center, stimulate the gastric mucosa, and ultimately death due to respiratory center paralysis. In addition, solanine structure and human steroid hormones such as androgen, estrogen, progesterone and other sex hormones are similar. Pregnant women with long-term consumption of potatoes containing higher alkaloids, accumulation of the body will have teratogenic effects. It is estimated that there is a certain genetic predisposition and alkaloid sensitive pregnant women, eating 44.2 to 252 grams of potatoes, which may give birth to deformed children. And potato alkaloids and can not be due to conventional flooding, steaming, cooking and cooking reduced. In view of this, pregnant women do not eat or eat less potatoes as well.

Some pregnant women like to eat on the market for potato chips, although they have been subjected to high temperature treatment, solanine content will be reduced, but it contains higher fat and salt, eat more than will cause obesity, but also induce pregnancy Hypertension syndrome, increased risk of pregnancy, so it can not be greedy.

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Article: Pregnant women often eat potato chips to increase the risk of pregnancy


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