Pregnant women must know the common sense of eating fish

Danish researchers recently through research found that pregnant women eat fish more full-term pregnancy, the greater the likelihood of the baby at birth the baby will be healthier than the average, more spiritual. Researchers at Stanstyl-Sallum College in Copenhagen compared the diets of 8,000 pregnant women to the frequency of eating fish During Pregnancy and whether the fish they eaten was cooked for cooking or salad Eat cold food, or fish oil supplements. The results showed that pregnant women who regularly eat fish are at a much lower risk of premature delivery and giving birth to less weighty infants than those who usually do not eat fish or rarely eat fish. The survey also found that eating fish once a week would reduce the likelihood of premature delivery of pregnant women who never eat fish from 7.1% to 1.9%.

The researchers concluded that fish are good for pregnant women because they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which have the potential to prolong pregnancy, prevent premature birth, and increase the weight of a baby at birth.

The Danish scholar’s study and previous similar studies led to the similar conclusion that food fish improve the full-term pregnancy potential. In fact, such as salmon, herring, tuna and other fatty fish in addition to the benefits of pregnant women, there are the treatment of depression, inhibition of prostate cancer cell growth and so on.

The findings of the Danish scholar will be published in the latest issue of the British Medical Journal.

Found 1: pregnant women eat fish baby smart

● Fish are rich in amino, lecithin, potassium, calcium, zinc and other trace elements, which are essential for fetal development, especially the nervous system. Survey shows that pregnant women eat more fish is beneficial to fetal development, especially the brain system, so born baby is particularly clever. However, the problem of environmental pollution is getting worse day by day. Mothers are worried that the fish pollutants will have some negative impact on the development of the fetus. In particular, the researchers investigated mothers and infants who had had mercury-containing fish during pregnancy. To understand the impact of heavy metal mercury pollution on the intellectual development of young children, the researchers studied six neurodevelopmental indicators.

● Research data show that local people’s mercury content 10-20 times higher than the average. However, there is no significant negative impact on children’s cognitive, language, reading, math, visual, social and educational adaptability. The researchers emphasize that eating fish is definitely good. So as long as attention to fish hygiene and standard heavy metal content, parents should encourage pregnant women and children to eat more fish, children will be more clever.

● Environmental scientists also pointed out in particular that heavy metal pollution is not the only problem of eating fish. The chemical substances produced by industrial waste water, rubbish and other pollutants are deposited in the fish and cause the users to have nerves and diseases of the immune system. Such fish The issue of pollution is more worthy of attention. Therefore, the purchase of fish, it is best to buy live fish, and secondly to see the origin, away from the industrial area of ​​fish less pollutants in the body.

Found 2: eat fish during pregnancy favorable fetal brain development

● pregnant women eat fish, fetal development is conducive to the fetus, which is Chinese and foreign nutritionists in recent years has affirmed. Japanese children’s intelligence is higher than the European and American children, according to research, it is because Japanese children like to eat fish. The secret of the scientists through research and experimentation is that the fish contain DHA, a very important substance, in the body of the body, which plays an important role in the formation of brain cell membranes.

● According to the research, DHA actually begins to exert influence when zygotes begin to divide cells. The fetus gets DHA from the mother’s body through the placenta, thus affecting the growth and development of the fetus. If the mother is deficient in DHA, phospholipids form fetal brain cell membranes Is not enough, to the fetal brain formation and development of adverse effects, and even abortion or give birth to fewer brain cells congenital mentally handicapped infants. Therefore, nutritionists believe that giving birth to a healthy and intelligent baby is the wish of each parent. Therefore, women should eat more fish during pregnancy to absorb enough DHA to meet the needs of the fetus’s growth and development.

● Then, eat other foods do not eat fish can also get DHA? Scientists think other animals and plants contain very little of this material. However, this substance can also be transformed in the liver by eating foods such as soybeans, peanuts, sesame and walnut, which are highly unsaturated fatty acids, but this is not as direct, timely, significant and effective as eating fish.

● According to the study, pregnant women need a lot of DHA to maintain their own brain cell function, but also a large supply of the fetus, so its needs far beyond the average person, so experts believe that pregnant women should eat at least once or twice a week, fish or shellfish class. In order for the fetus’s brain to develop well and have a healthy and well-behaved baby, it is suggested that pregnant women should eat more fish, even after the baby is born and weaned.

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Article: Pregnant women must know the common sense of eating fish


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