Pregnant women how to completely solve constipation?

If you have not experienced constipation During Pregnancy, you absolutely can not imagine how it affects your entire pregnancy life and emotions. Therefore, how to completely eliminate constipation in pregnant women?

1, Why pregnancy prone to constipation?
In addition to the effects of hormones, there are many other reasons. can generally be divided into flaccid, spasmodic, rectal three, mostly during pregnancy flaccid constipation. After pregnancy, almost all people will reduce the amount of exercise, which is the most common cause of constipation. In addition, a small number of mothers to the late third trimester always worry about defecation, will lead to the fetus fell out, but not forced defecation is also a reason for constipation.

2, Many days are not out of constipation?
Under normal circumstances, 3 days without defecation is constipation. But also to judge according to individual circumstances, and some people even if only one day without defecation, will feel the stomach swollen, very painful, it is also constipation. In short, if compared with before pregnancy more obvious changes, defecation more painful words can be said to be constipation.

3, Constipation on the body have a negative impact? Can not ignore it?
Constipation will increase intestinal toxins, is not conducive to the body’s metabolism, affecting their health. Can not let its development, if more than 5 days without defecation will go to the hospital.

4, Fetal movement is not conducive to accelerating the gastrointestinal motility, relieve constipation?
Medically this is a question mark, but based on clinical experience, it is quite possible.

5, When the fetus in the mother constipation will not be very painful? Will it feel crowded?
Will not. Because the fetus living in amniotic fluid, amniotic fluid can buffer a variety of stress, protect the fetus from harm. So do not worry too much. However, the feeling and annoyance of mom when suffering from constipation may have a certain impact on the fetus’s emotions.

6, Late pregnancy, constipation if forced defecation will not lead to fetal birth?
Just hold your breath hard words can not give birth to children. Pain, the fetus’s own internal rotation movement, suffocating force is the birth of the three necessary conditions, are indispensable. Constipation because of suffocation will increase abdominal pressure, but because of the time is short, so the fetus will not feel pain. Generally will not touch the beginning of childbirth. However, there is a case of water break in constipation and suffocation, but the cause is probably related to infection.

7, In order to smooth bowel movement every day, diet should pay attention to what?
The most effective way is to actively consume fiber-rich foods.
Foods rich in water-soluble dietary fiber, such as seaweed and potato, not only increase the intestinal absorption rate, but also discharge cholesterol together. Shellfish, beans, rhizomes, fungi and other insoluble food fiber can help the intestines “clean” clean.
In addition, vitamin B1 can protect the gastrointestinal nerve, promote bowel movements, daily intake of enough vitamin B1 can help prevent constipation. Foods rich in vitamin B1 are coarse grains, wheat bran, beans and lean meat.
Diet should be scientifically organized daily. Choosing two different types of food rich in dietary fiber to accompany the meal is the best way.

8, I heard that aloe should not be consumed during pregnancy, which is why?
Because the aloe anthraquinone contains this ingredient will bring a very strong stimulation of the large intestine. A suppository to promote bowel movements is made with anthraquinone. Must be avoided in the early stages of pregnancy, otherwise, due to bowel movements too strong. Can induce abortion or premature birth. If only a small amount of aloe used in yogurt is not harmful to the mother.

9, It is said that eating yogurt at night can make defecation more smoothly, is it really?
Yogurt contains beneficial lactic acid bacteria, lactic acid bacteria on intestinal activity is very useful. Especially in the yogurt contains whey, lactic acid bacteria will increase the residence time in the intestine to maintain intestinal peristalsis, smooth bowel movement.

10, What sports to prevent constipation useful?
Stroll relatively soothing aerobic exercise. Moderate exercise can promote gastrointestinal activities, to eliminate constipation very effective.

11, After pregnancy can be made in the abdomen “の” type massage to help gastrointestinal motility?
The intestine is behind the womb, so even massage will not work.
However, this massage can play a relaxing role. It should be noted that do not do too much, because it may lead to contraction of the uterus.

12, Take a bath to relieve constipation have no help?
Bath to relieve constipation is effective. Bathing can make the body temperature, and promote gastrointestinal motility, but also play a good role in relaxation. Therefore, expectant constipation can try, but we must pay attention to the water temperature should not be too high, bath time should not be too long.

13, Available on the market for the relief of constipation health products or medicines can take it?
Be sure to consult with the doctor before deciding. Neither health care nor medicine can be taken at will.
Of course, if the product manual has stated that pregnant women disabled, it is absolutely not to use. In addition, do not use alcohol. In the absence of special instructions, be sure to consult your doctor before eating. If the doctor says he can, drink it according to the indicated amount.

14, The use of drugs to help defecation should be minimal use of more medication there will be dependent, the effect will be more and more bad. Is this statement right?
According to the type of medicine and defecation to decide. How much can be discharged, the reasons for constipation use different drugs will be different. Irritant drugs are irritating to the stomach and stomach, and can promote gastrointestinal motility, but if the gastrointestinal use has been used to adapt to such stimuli and drug failure. Such drugs should be used only in the short term. Medicines containing magnesia, although also irritating, are not used to irritating the stomach, so they have never been ineffective. Mothers can be based on the situation of defecation, as well as their own physical condition in accordance with doctor’s advice properly adjusted. Do not endure without medication, this will aggravate constipation and increase pain.

15, There are many kinds of constipation medicine, which medicine for mothers to take?
General medicine for the mother are laxatives. Constipation drugs can be divided into two categories according to the different effects and the strength of the effect. Even the effects of different drugs in laxatives are different, expectant mothers should use the drug should be mainly Runchang, should not use mechanical or irritating drugs. Because these drugs may induce uterine contractions leading to miscarriage or premature birth.
May be based on the actual situation of expectant mothers oral sesame oil or taking Chinese medicine Maren Runchang pill, if necessary, use Kai Kailai and 1/3 glycerol Runchang agent.

16, Relieve constipation of Chinese medicine for mothers is not relatively safer?
Chinese medicine also contains ingredients that can cause miscarriage and premature birth, such as rhubarb, must be taken with caution. The doctor’s advice should be sought before use.

17, If relieve constipation medicine lead to diarrhea, the health of the mother will affect it?
At this time should reduce the dose. Taking drugs to ease constipation should be based on their physical condition to make the appropriate adjustments. Sometimes by constipation to improve the diet can be completely stopped after the medication.

18, What foods can help prevent constipation?
Food or beverage that can increase beneficial bacteria in the intestine: for example, lactic acid bacteria drinks, yogurts and the like.
Foods or beverages containing a large amount of dietary fiber: for example, beverages containing dietary fiber, natto, vegetables, adzuki beans, seaweed, bean curd, vegetables or fruits of rhizomes, olives, pineapple, konjac and the like.
Food or drink that stimulates intestinal movement: eg garlic, radish, lettuce, etc.
A food or drink that increases the amount of water in the intestine: for example, mineral water, herbal tea and the like.

19, What lifestyle can help prevent constipation?
The most effective way is to drink enough water in the morning, nutritious with a reasonable breakfast and defecation at a fixed time. Adhere to the daily exercise at a particular time can also promote gastrointestinal regular exercise to ensure normal bowel movement.

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Article: Pregnant women how to completely solve constipation?

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