Pregnant women eat too much sugar make children easy to myopia

With the improvement of living standards, our diet is more and more refined degree, coarse grains are being replaced by fine grains, some high-sugar diet is unknowingly into our table. Like drinks, polished rice, refined and so on. Although good taste, but the rice, for example, in the process of processing, layer by layer shelling can also lead to the loss of vitamins. When processed into polished rice, there are not many vitamins beneficial to eye development.

And people’s diet more and more sophisticated structure, more and more intake of fine grains, of which the intake of sugar is also more and more. It is well-known that too much sugar in the body is detrimental to eye development.

From the nutritional analysis, for a normal person, excessive intake of sugar, may cause sugar accumulation in the body, while the sugar in the body metabolism, the need for a large number of vitamins, so vitamins will be consumed too large and inadequate. The development of ocular cells also need a lot of vitamins involved.

Even more so for pregnant women, if excessive intake of sugar, will lead to abnormal crystal growth environment, axial development too fast, to speed up the occurrence of myopia. Animal experiments show that allowing experimental animals to eat too much sugar has an impact on their eyesight.

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Article: Pregnant women eat too much sugar make children easy to myopia


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