Pregnant women can practice yoga? How to practice at the same time security?

We first understand what are the benefits of yoga During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy yoga features: slow, gentle, just for pregnant mothers do.
The role of pregnancy yoga:

1, the main function of pregnancy yoga is to strengthen the pelvic muscle strength, and increase the lower body muscle strength, pregnant women have enough strength to support the growing belly, thereby reducing the burden on the knee. The leg cramps because weight gain leads to increased calf muscle burden, making the calf and foot muscles pain caused by contraction and cramps, these discomfort can be alleviated by yoga.

2, many pregnant mom gestational swollen feet during pregnancy, serious or even looks like a big balloon far. This is because after the pregnancy in women, the body’s progesterone began to increase to help the embryo implantation stability. But progesterone also increases the concentration of sodium in the urine, causing edema. The appearance of the deformation, often so that beauty of the mums are difficult to accept, and pregnant women can enhance the body’s blood circulation and metabolism, reduce edema during pregnancy, but also a good look Mummy.

3, pregnant women can increase heart and lung function of yoga, promote blood circulation and metabolism, reduce the pregnancy due to increased oxygen demand caused by fatigue and asthma due to respiratory failure caused by the phenomenon.

4, the baby and the maternal blood vessels connected, therefore, proper exercise of pregnant women is also conducive to the growth of the fetus. Increased maternal blood circulation also increases oxygen and nutrient supply to the fetus and promotes fetal brain and body development.

5, many mommy because of the baby grew up in the stomach day by day, the uterus oppression to the gastrointestinal, resulting in esophageal reflux or constipation. Pregnant women yoga many moves can promote gastrointestinal motility, defecation and exhaust, reduce flatulence and constipation problems.

6, in addition to the elimination of physical discomfort, yoga from the breathing management based on learning how to control and ease breathing, and through meditation can help pregnant mom to exclude pregnancy may bring the pressure to relax and calm emotions .

Yoga during pregnancy what are the precautions?

When doing yoga, mothers should pay attention to self-protection, to avoid slipping, to avoid bending over a long time, some dangerous actions to skip.

The following yoga moves pregnant mothers during pregnancy is to be avoided:

1, excessive forward flexion
Bending forward while at the same time will oppress the blood vessels and nerves connected with the uterus. In order to ensure the normal flow of blood, you can take the way of leg flexion, moderate open your legs, leaving you some space for your abdomen when you forward flexion.

2, deep reverse
Too much twisting the body can also reduce the body’s blood circulation, so be sure to take an open stance while doing your twisting action without touching your knees.

3, lying down
When you reach mid-term pregnancy, avoid prolonged lying as much as possible. As increasing uterine weight affects the blood and nutrient flow in the breeding fetus, it may also increase back and heart pain and cause an increase in blood pressure. Use cushions and other objects to support your body, instead of lying directly. If possible, try to take a stand, sit, hand or knee support, lateral, etc., the appropriate stretch muscles.

4, exercise abdominal oblique position
As your abdomen expands day by day, the pressure on your abs will increase. Abdominal exercise will result in a greater burden and may even cause the rectus abdominis to rupture, making the lower back more supportive. And your rectus abdominis muscle (when you see 6 muscles in one’s abdomen, that muscle is the rectus abdominis), it’s hard to withstand the weight of the abdomen, so use the muscles on both sides of your abdomen muscle. Excessive oblique muscle exercises may pull on your abdominal muscles, leading to medical dislocations. To avoid such risks, we must skip those who exercise abdominal oblique position. The action of the abdomen is absolutely not allowed.

5, bent back too far
If you’ve been practicing yoga for years, and now you’re pregnant, it’s probably better for you to practice some improved back bend (such as a wheel). If you start practicing yoga shortly, or your back is not particularly flexible and flexible, excessive back bending may result in the risk of dislocation.

6, do not stand upside down
Because of pregnancy, the abdomen of the woman has made chest shrink, inverted will more oppressive chest. In the third trimester also do the inverted words, may result in fetal malposition, can not be careless.

7, breathing exercises to make full use of possible breathing space but do not emphasize abdominal breathing, do not shrink the abdomen.

8, stance self remind both feet parallel. Avoid eight outside the station method, resulting in a greater burden on the lumbar spine.

Early pregnancy or high risk population should not practice yoga abortion

3 months before pregnancy, the fetus has not stabilized, is a dangerous period, it is not appropriate to do yoga. It is best to wait until after 4 months to start practicing yoga, and at the same time best to communicate with obstetricians at any time, to understand their own health status, if pregnant mom is a high risk of miscarriage, be sure to ask the physician before deciding whether the gradual Practicing yoga.
Reminder: Pregnant yoga must be under the guidance of a doctor or a professional coach. Pregnant women who have never practiced yoga or whose abortion experience should begin their practice in the second trimester. Try to exercise less late in pregnancy or do some padding activities.

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Article: Pregnant women can practice yoga? How to practice at the same time security?


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