Pregnant women can not eat napus

Napus is rich in calcium, iron and vitamin C, carotene is also very rich, is the body’s mucosal and epithelial tissues to maintain the growth of important nutrient source for beneficial against skin hyperkeratosis. Napus also promote blood circulation, scattered blood swelling. US National Cancer Institute found that cruciferous vegetables such as rape can reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer.

Pregnant women can eat napus?
Pregnant woman can not eat.
Early pregnancy should not eat canola, but pregnant women postpartum abdominal pain, congestion, erysipelas, throat abscess by edible vegetables to adjuvant therapy.

Of maternal can eat napus?
Of maternal can eat.
Congestion postpartum abdominal pain, erysipelas, throat abscess can be treated by edible food aid.

Infants can eat napus?
Can eat.
Napus contains a variety of nutrients, contains vitamin C rich, you can give your baby to eat, as long as the attention amount, baby digestion and absorption is good, normal stool, you can eat.

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Article: Pregnant women can not eat napus


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