Pregnant women can not eat malabar spinach

Malabar spinach nutrient content is extremely rich, especially calcium, iron and other elements. In addition tothe protein content of slightly less than amaranth, other projects and amaranth be roughly the same,medicinal use alexipharmic, Moistening intestines, cooling effect, can be used for the treatment ofconstipation, dysentery, boils, skin inflammation and other diseases. Because of its rich carotene, B vitamins, vitamin C and protein, and low in calories, less fat, often eat blood,tonifying liver, clearing heat and cooling blood, diuresis, prevent constipation effect, very suitable for the elderly to eat.

Pregnant women can eat malabar spinach?
Pregnant women can not eat.
Malabar spinach property is cold slide, a lubricating cooling blood harm, pregnant women eat carefully.Especially in the early stages of pregnancy and pregnant women with habitual abortion, should not eat the.

The puerpera can eat spinach?
Mothers can eat.
Malabar spinach not only delicious and nutrient content is extremely rich, especially very high calcium, iron and other elements content. But from cold, spleen deficiency in carefully.

Infants can eat malabar spinach?
Can eat.
The content of calcium in Malabar spinach is very high, and oxalic acid content is very low, the high rate of calcium absorption is the preferred economic food for more than 9 months the baby calcium supplementation.

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Article: Pregnant women can not eat malabar spinach


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