Pregnant women can not eat longan?

Fresh dried longan meat very tender, juicy and sweet, delicious, fresh dried longan drying into the nuts turned into traditional Chinese medicine in the dried longan. dried longan is rich in glucose, sucrose, protein, vitamins and minerals, high levels of which niacin and vitamin K is rare in other fruits. Nutritional value of dried longan fruit is among the best in the ancient times was used as an excellent tonic. After treatment, illness, infirmity or mental decline, women in the postpartum conditioning nutritional supplement is also very appropriate.

Pregnant women can eat Longans?
Pregnant women should not eat.
Longans for pregnant women, especially for women in early pregnancy, it is a “forbidden fruit.” Cause miscarriage or premature birth.

Of maternal can eat Longans?
Of maternal may be appropriate to eat, but not eat more, to prevent excessive internal heat.

Infants can eat Longans?
Be careful to eat.
Longans and warm, prone to heat, children should not eat more.

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Article: Pregnant women can not eat longan?

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