Pregnant women can eat wax apple?

Wax apple containing a small amount of protein, fat, minerals, has a sweet, light fragrance, moisture-rich properties, not only special flavor is refreshing quench their thirst to share.

Wax apple effect:
Wax apple can cure a variety of diseases, good fruit, sweet flat, functional lungs, cough, expectorant, cooling blood and convergence.
Indications lung dryness cough, hiccups than, bleeding hemorrhoids, stomach distention, dysentery, bowel disease, diabetes embolism. With nut charcoal powder can also cure traumatic bleeding, leg ulcers.

Pregnant women can eat wax apple?
Can eat.
Pregnant edible wax apple, wax apple particularly suitable for pregnant women, high-temperature operating environment groups, exposure to chemical toxins personnel, but any food is not excessive to eat.

Of maternal can eat wax apple?
Can eat.
However, there is maternal frequent urination habits should not eat too much, because wax apple effective diuretic.

Infants can eat wax apple?
Can not eat.
Baby inedible wax apple, wax apple has a diuretic effect, babies can cause enuresis in children.
But when the baby indigestion, with wax apple with salt consumption, helps digestion.

Eating tips
Cold stomach people should not eat
Physical deficiency should not eat.

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Article: Pregnant women can eat wax apple?

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