Pregnant women can eat red bayberry?

Quality of red bayberry, flesh of fruit sugar  12% to 13%, acid content of 0.5% to 1.1%, rich in cellulose, mineral elements, vitamins, and a certain amount of protein, fat, pectin and eight kinds of human beneficial amino acids, the fruit of calcium, phosphorus, iron content should be 10 times higher than other fruits. Red bayberry is rich in anthocyanins, have antioxidant, anti-aging effect.

Red bayberry effectiveness:
Increased appetite and help digestion: Red bayberry contains a variety of organic acids, vitamin C content is also very rich, fresh fruit Pickle, eating can increase stomach acidity, food digestion, stimulates the appetite.
Convergence anti-inflammation, antidiarrheal: Red bayberry taste sour, with the convergence of anti-inflammatory effect, combined with its E. coli, Shigella and other bacteria are inhibited, it can cure diarrhea, abdominal pain have a good effect.
Anti-cancer: Red bayberry contains vitamin C, polyphenols, positive for anti-cancer effect. Red bayberry nutlet, which contain cyanide ammonia, fatty oil also inhibit cancer cells.

Red bayberry fruit to anti-thirst is the good product of summer relieving summer-heat, you can prevent heat stroke, relieve thirst. Acid contained both appetizers fluid, digestion relieving summer-heat, there are prevent sugar in the body, turn into fat function, contribute to weight loss.

Pregnant women Can eat Red bayberry?
Can eat.
U.S. health care products used for drug FYI use Myricetin prevention of arthritis and various inflammatory treatment, particularly suitable for use in pregnant women.

Of maternal Can eat Red bayberry?
Can eat.
Red bayberry rich nutritious, delicious taste, Of maternal can be eaten in moderation.

Infants Can eat Red bayberry?
Can eat.
Red bayberry fruit to digestion, anti-thirst, the good product of summer, relieving summer-heat, you can prevent heat stroke, relieve thirst.

Eating tips
Red bayberry on gastric mucosal have a stimulating effect, so the ulcer patients, be careful to eat.
Red bayberry of warm, toothache, hyperacidity, excessive internal heat people do not eat;
After eating red bayberry, mouthwash, or brushing teeth should be timely, so as to avoid damage to the teeth;
Dipped in a little salt when eating even more delicious.


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Article: Pregnant women can eat red bayberry?


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