Pregnant women can eat peaches?

Summer peaches listing, delicious, diet need to pay attention to pregnant mothers, pregnant women are particularly want to know you can eat peaches? Pregnant women eat peaches what precautions?

Pregnant women can eat peaches?

Pregnant women appropriate to eat some very good, sweet peach flavor, pulp and tender, and rich in vitamins, minerals, and a lot of water. peach contain a lot of iron, iron supplementation During Pregnancy is one of the very good food, after late pregnancy, the fetus is particularly large demand for iron, and peach, and contains a lot of iron. Appropriate to eat some, is very good.

Benefits of pregnant women to eat peaches:

1. Prevent anemia, prevent constipation: Peach relatively high nutritional value, calcium, phosphorus, protein, fat, sugar, iron and other ingredients. The iron content and pectin more, so can prevent anemia of pregnant women eating peaches, you can also prevent constipation.

2. Treatment of tuberculosis: peach fruit is warm, rich in nutrients, has a unique effect on the treatment of lung disease, low blood sugar, lung disease, consumptive Asthma pregnant women can eat peach as an auxiliary therapeutic thing.

3. Vitamin supplements: peach contain vitamin B, C components, pregnant women can be eat peach vitamin supplements, but do not eat much, peeled and ate the best, in order to avoid preservatives peaches on.

4. Lower blood pressure: peach can also lower blood pressure, gestational hypertension, or high blood pressure in pregnancy mothers who can eat peach for lowering blood pressure have a certain effect.

5. Remission during pregnancy edema: peach are rich in potassium, but contain little sodium, which can have an effect on edema relief. Many pregnant women to lower extremity edema occurs in the third trimester, if you eat the right amount of peach every day, you can make this situation eased.

Pregnant women eat peaches taboo:

Unripe Peaches can not eat, otherwise it will furuncle or carbuncle abdominal distension;

Even ripe Peaches, can not eat too much, too much can cause heat build excessive internal heat;

Must not eat rotten peach;

Peaches avoid and turtles eat the same time;

High blood sugar in diabetic patients should eat less peach.

peach is good, but also pay attention to, peach should not eat too much, not because there are so many benefits peach, are beneficial for pregnant women and babies on bingeing, regardless of whether, in fact, relatively poor physical fitness, gastrointestinal bad people best not eating peach, otherwise it will increase the burden on the stomach, making worse gastrointestinal function, in addition, some people eat peaches, allergies, so the crowd should pay attention.

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Article: Pregnant women can eat peaches?

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