Pregnant women can eat olives?

Olives are a hard meat fruit, olives begun to taste Suanse taste, chew long rear feel mouthful fragrance, food for thought.
Olive rich nutritious. Pulp containing protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamin C and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals.
It is also high in calcium, and easily absorbed.
Fresh olives solvable gas poisoning, alcoholism and fish and crab poison, food can detoxify, phlegm.

Olive effectiveness:
Detoxification, beneficial throat, resolving phlegm, anti thirst, treatment pharyngitis throat discomfort problems.

Winter and spring season, daily chewing 2 to 3 fresh olives to prevent upper respiratory tract infections.

Pregnant women can eat olives?
Careful to eat.
Olive nature, nothing to bogey all pregnant women can also be a small amount of edible, but note that there is a black olives, pregnant women are not edible.

Of maternal eat olives?
Can eat.
Olive nature, nothing to bogey all maternal can be eaten in moderation.

Infants can eat olives?
Can eat.
Children eating olives, a great benefit for bone development.


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Article: Pregnant women can eat olives?

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