Pregnant women can eat loquat

Loquat rich in cellulose, pectin, carotene, malic acid, citric acid, potassium, phosphorus, iron, calcium and vitamins, protect eyesight, keep skin healthy and moist, promote children’s physical development function, which contains vitamins B17, is the anti-cancer nutrients! Loquat can promote appetite and help digestion; may also prevent cancer and prevent aging.

Loquat effectiveness:
Organic acids contained in loquat, can stimulate the digestive gland secretion, increase appetite, help digestion and absorption, thirst quencher anti-heat have considerable role. Loquat contain amygdalin, can lungs cough, removing phlegm treatment of various cough.  Loquat fruit and leaves to inhibit influenza virus effect, eat can prevent cold seasons.  Leaves, can be made ​​from dried tea leaves, as the Ichiban antiemetic, treat variety vomiting hiccups.

Pregnant women can eat loquat?
, loquat can quench thirst appetizer, another loquat can help pregnant women vitamin supplements, anti-cold.

Of maternal can eat loquat?
Can eat.
You can eat loquat, loquat can quench thirst appetizer, another loquat can also help mothers vitamin supplements, anti-cold.

Infants can eat loquat?
Can eat.
Infants edible loquat, can promote appetite.

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Article: Pregnant women can eat loquat

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