Pregnant women can eat laver

Laver characteristics and effectiveness
Prevention of goiter: can be used to treat due to iodine deficiency, “goiter”, seaweed has Endometriosis function, there are other uses stagnation plot block.
Promote growth: rich in choline and calcium, iron, can enhance memory, anemia treatment of women and children, to promote bone, teeth growth and health; mannitol contain a certain amount can be used as a supplementary food to treat edema.
Prevention of cancer: the active ingredient laver on Ehrlich cancer inhibition rate of 53.2%, helps brain tumors, breast cancer, thyroid cancer, malignant lymphoma cancer prevention.
Lowering blood pressure, improve immune function: contain laver polysaccharides have significantly enhanced cellular and humoral immune function, promotes lymphocyte transformation, improve the body’s immune system.

Pregnant women Can eat Laver?
Can eat.
As long as Laver is not allergic, you can eat.

Of maternal Can eat Laver?
Can eat.
As long as Laver is not allergic, you can eat.

Infants Can eat Laver?
Can eat.
Can be made into a variety of dishes.

Eating tips

Spleen and stomach Deficiency, abdominal pain, loose stools fasting, mastitis, breast lobular hyperplasia who do not eat.

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Article: Pregnant women can eat laver


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