Pregnant women can eat goose meat

Goose full of treasure. Goose-winged, webbed goose, goose tongue, goose intestines, goose gizzard is delicious food on the table; foie gras rich nutritious, fresh and delicious, can promote appetite, is one of three delicious nutritious foods in the world, known as “soft gold body . “In some developed countries are nutritionists as astronauts, pilots must-food meal.

Goose meat cure and prevention of cough illness, especially for the treatment of colds and acute and chronic bronchitis, chronic nephritis, senile edema; cure emphysema, asthma phlegm obstruct the lung have good effect. Particularly suitable in winter tonic.

Pregnant women can eat goose meat?
Pregnant women can eat Goose meat, but not excessive.

Of maternal can eat goose meat?
Can eat.
Of maternal can eat, but pay attention to diet diversification, to ensure a comprehensive and balanced nutrition.

Infants and young children can eat goose meat?
Can eat.
Infants can eat small amounts of goose meat, but the the goose is fat things, can not eat too much. Goose meat contain various amino acids necessary for human growth and development of your baby’s growth is very favorable, particularly beneficial for physical weakness, lack of blood baby. Goose meat can alleviate lead poisoning, and now the baby because of the impact of environmental factors, excessive blood lead levels were significantly increased, adding a little goose meat is more beneficial. Goose meat is “fat things”, eczema baby isothermal intrinsic, skin sore, pruritus person, chronic illness who absolutely can not eat, so as not to aggravate the condition.

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Article: Pregnant women can eat goose meat


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