Pregnant women can eat cherry?

Cherry fat free, low calorie, but it is rich in protein, sugar, phosphorus, iron, carotene and vitamin C and so on.

Cherry effectiveness:
Eat cherries can prevent iron deficiency anemia, but also to enhance physical fitness, brain puzzle.
Cherry pits has the effect of detoxification. Lumbar and leg pain rheumatism have good effect.
Cherry roots, but also has a strong insecticide, insecticidal effect, can kill roundworm, pinworm, tapeworm, etc.
Cherries can treat burns, while Cherry can treat mild and severe frostbite.
Common cherry juice rubbed the face and wrinkles, make the facial skin rosy whitening, wrinkle removal speckle reduction.

Pregnant women can eat cherries?
Can eat.
Note: Pregnant women should not eat cherries a day over 12.
Cherry is ideal fruit for pregnant women. Iron requirements for pregnant women is high, cherries on the prevention and treatment of iron deficiency anemia in mothers with good results, but also to enhance physical fitness, brain puzzle.

Of maternal can eat cherries?
Can eat.
Cherry is the ideal fruit lactating mom. Because in lactation, high iron requirements.

Infants can eat cherries?
Can eat.
Infants can Eating a suitable quantity cherries, careful not to let your baby eat cherries a single person, the granular fruit is very easy to get stuck baby’s throat.

Eating tips
There ulcer symptoms, excessive internal heat; diabetes not eat cherries.
Cherry warm, Hot cough do not eat.
Cherry nucleolus cyanogenic produce hydrocyanic acid after hydrolysis, medicinal poisoning should be careful.
Cherry high potassium content, the need for kidney disease patients not eat, if you eat too many cherries, patients will appear hyperkalemia.
Eating cherries note:
Must be cleaned before eating, it is best to soak for some time before eating.


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Article: Pregnant women can eat cherry?

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