Pregnant women be careful to eat hawthorn?

Hawthorn sweet and sour, promote the secretion can also be used as medicine, be used as medicine spleen, stomach, liver, there is digestion of the plot, of convergence stop dysentery, blood stasis effect.
Hawthorn contains carbohydrates, pectin, vitamin C, carotene, malic acid, citric acid, calcium and iron and other substances, with lowering blood pressure, lowering blood pressure, cardiac and anti-arrhythmic and other effects, can prevent cardiovascular disease , soften blood vessels. Flavonoids in Hawthorn Vitexin is a strong anti-cancer effects of drugs, hawthorn extract on cancer cells in vivo growth, proliferation and metastasis had certain inhibition on.

Pregnant women can eat hawthorn?
Be careful to eat.
Hawthorn promoting blood stasis, contraction of the uterus, has spawned effect on pregnant women parturient, and postpartum uterus can promote recovery; pregnant women should not eat too much, the right amount can be. Habitual abortion, must be avoided.

Of maternal can eat hawthorn?
Can eat.
Hawthorn has a loose silt role, can help uterine involution, is conducive to lochia discharge, reduce abdominal pain. Hawthorn also stimulate food digestion, Of maternal able to get more nutrients from food. But Hawthorn acidic, Of maternal discretionary consumption.

Infants can eat hawthorn?
Can eat.
Infants can eat hawthorn, its special color, smell and taste can stimulate the appetite, but not too much, because it has some stomach irritation, hawthorn can be brewed in water, or when to put one porridge.

Food taboos: weak stomach should not eat, and can not be empty stomach to eat. In addition, hawthorn not with seafood, ginseng, lemon same time to eat.

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Article: Pregnant women be careful to eat hawthorn?


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