Pregnant women be careful to eat crayfish

Crayfish body protein content is high, accounting for about 16% -20% of the total fat content of less than 0.2%, the content shrimp meat zinc, iodine, selenium and other trace elements higher than other foods.
Crayfish have a very important nutrient that astaxanthin, mainly in the head of the prawn shrimp on yellow and red shrimp substances. Most of the cooking methods may have lost, because astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant, it is also easy to be oxidized. Crayfish can also be used as medicine, prevent phlegm, anti cough, promote myogenic wound healing after surgery.

Pregnant women can eat crawfish?
Be careful to eat.
shrimps and crabs sensitive for pregnant women, should not eat. If the woman itself shrimps and crabs sensitive, should avoid eating During Pregnancy, the fetus in order to avoid increasing the risk of allergies.

Of maternal can eat crayfish?
Be careful to eat.
For shrimps and crabs sensitive mothers, should not eat, if breastfeeding, the baby prone to eating seafood allergies.

Infants can eat crawfish?
Be careful to eat.
Better not to eat, the child is too small intestine is not fully developed, produced at the time may not be able to clean very clean. The more often the more serious pollution of the river crayfish.

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Article: Pregnant women be careful to eat crayfish


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