Pregnant women be careful to eat black fungus

Black fungus in the gum can be left in the human digestive system dust, impurities adsorbed together, excreted, and thus play a role in gastrointestinal purify. At the same time, it also helps digest fiber material features of inadvertently eating the indigestible hair, rice husk, wood residues, sand, metal shavings and other foreign matter has dissolved and molten effect, therefore, it is the mining, chemical and textile workers in essential health food. It gallstones, kidney stones and other foreign objects also have more endogenous significantly defuse the function.

Pregnant women can eat black fungus?
Be careful to eat, black fungus cool , pregnant women should not eat more.

Of maternal can eat black fungus?
Of maternal can eat.
Black fungus cool, should not eat more.

Infants can eat black fungus?
Can eat.
Prevention of iron deficiency anemia and calcium, has a certain role, fungus in the gum, the impurities in the body can be digestive tract, the adsorption of toxins excreted together, play a protective role in the stomach.

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Article: Pregnant women be careful to eat black fungus


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