Pregnant mothers how to make beauty mask

There are many types of masks, masks on the market due to the more chemicals, negative for pregnant women. In order to maintain During Pregnancy, pregnant women can make pregnant women mask yourself. Natural materials such as fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, honey, Chinese herbal medicine and vitamin solution can be used with less side effects and are not subject to environmental and economic conditions. They are inexpensive beauty products. Here are some ways to make home mask:

For dry skin:

◆ Banana Mask: Peeled pomegranate banana peeled paste surface after 15 to 20 minutes to wash away, long-term adherence can make facial skin delicate, fresh, especially for dry or sensitive facial skin beauty pregnant women , Good effect.

◆ Apple Mask: peel the apple or pound mud, and then applied to the face, if it is dry and allergic skin, add appropriate amount of fresh milk or vegetable oil, oily skin should add some egg white. After 15 to 20 minutes to wash with a hot towel can be. Every other day, with the role of smoothing the skin, moisturizing, greasy, but also eliminate skin acne, freckles, dark spots and other symptoms.

◆ Strawberry Mask: Put one tbsp of smashed strawberry into a cup of boiling water, and after a few minutes, filter with gauze and add half a spoon of glycerin. Wipe in the face, wipe after 20 ~ 30 minutes. For deep cleansing, moisturizing the skin, so that the skin appears rosy luster, especially for dry skin.

For nourishing the skin:

◆ tomato mask: slice the tomatoes, add a spoonful of milk, a spoonful of sunflower oil, paste the face after 15 to 20 minutes, then wash with warm water. The mask is suitable for all skin types and has a radiant and radiant skin.

◆ egg white mask: The egg white into the bowl (to egg yolk) Stir until white foam, add fresh lemon 6-8 drops, mix evenly directly on the face, with convergence of the skin, anti-inflammatory anti-wrinkle effect.

◆ cucumber mask: take fresh cucumber juice, add milk, honey amount, the amount of wind fine drip evenly coated, 20-30 minutes after the wash, or cut the cucumber slices directly affixed to the face, with soothing, increase White, wrinkle effect.

Reminder: Although there is no chemical composition of fresh fruits, but contains acid, etc. will still cause allergies to mum skin allergies. Trying to try more stimulating fruits, such as lemons, is best to try inside your own arms. Pesticides and other residues on the surface of the fruit must be cleaned, or cosmetic failure is not easily disfigured. The selected fruit must be fresh, now making use of.

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Article: Pregnant mothers how to make beauty mask


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