Precautions of face acne – anti-acne tips

7 tips to anti-acne, what about precautions of face acne?

1. Regulate gastrointestinal function, maintaining smooth stool, conducive to the rehabilitation of this disease.

2. Attention to rest, sleep and maintain good mental state.

3. Remain cheerful. Acne, do not produce the psychological burden, in order to avoid neuroendocrine disorders, made ??it worse.

4. Do not hand squeeze acne, squeezing his hand easily cause the spread of inflammation, scarring and even worse.

5. Note facial cleansing, maintaining catheter patency sebaceous follicles. wash your face with warm water twice a day, because the cold water is not easy to remove grease, hot promote secretion of sebum without irritating soap. The number should not wash your face too much, to avoid damage to normal sebum membrane.

6. Should not use oily cosmetics, sunscreens with caution, cover cream and foundation, and so on. Try to use Toner replenishment of water, oily skin, add more water to balance oil secretion, improve the role of oily skin.

7. Diet to eat more fruits and vegetables, eat less fat, sugar and spicy spicy food.

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Article: Precautions of face acne – anti-acne tips

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