Practical beauty skin care tips at night

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, of course, be encouraged, but if you’re midnight to go to bed that skin care was to strengthen. The practical tips, you fall asleep no matter how late, morning and still be able to sparkle faces shine.

1, Stay up late, and no later washing

Skin care to keep pace with changes in environmental and physical condition, so do not wait until just before you go to bed to clean the skin, try the cleansing time in advance can reduce the burden on the skin to prevent acne breakouts. The cleansing may wish to use both remover and cleaning the two-in-one cleanser, 2 minutes to get clean.

Containing acid or salicylic acid cleanser deep cleansing effect is significant. Salicylic acid, in particular, it is a complex ingredients deep into the hair follicle is the only truly clean action, can increase the rate of metabolism of keratinocytes to reduce the accumulation of the skin surface of the waste and toxins, so even if you stay up late, away from the tired face.

2, Highly moisturizing care

stay up late, stay up all night and fatigue so skin lock hydraulic worse, the dry. As soon as possible after cleansing apply a moisturizing effect, easy to absorb the beauty fluid. Easy to dry, easy to muddy around the eyes and around the mouth of the need for detailed painting; easy to dry cheeks to fully coated.

3, Alternative mask rapid improvement in dry

If you’re worried deposition mask every day will lead to excessive maintenance, after cleansing with moisturizing beauty liquid paper mask soaked deposited on the face. Mask in the water after 10 minutes by the skin dry, then spray a layer of make-up water, 5 minutes later peeled off, the skin can become moist and tender, and even a day do not have to worry about the heavy burden of skin.

4, Detox Cream deal stay up late

Even if you could not go to sleep in the best liver detoxification 23:00, also completely before 23:00 smear detoxification repair the essence of night cream, when applied with the simple 30-second massage can promote blood circulation, improve cell metabolism the vitality and exclude the skin toxins garbage, will stay up all night damage greatly reduced.

5, Essence before midnight

As far as possible before midnight arrival complete Essence smearing steps, which allows nutrients play ultimate Essence. Containing nano-infiltration techniques or variety of plant extracts Night Repair Serum easier to penetrate deep into the skin to enhance cell viability and promote the metabolic cycle.

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Article: Practical beauty skin care tips at night

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