Postpartum perineal wound care methods

The most important is the perineal wound natal care and cleaning. Each time after using the toilet, the application of warm water rinse,  from the urethra towards the anus direction of wash, rinse and then use toilet paper with a moisture dry pressing way to keep dry. To restore sexual life, should be at full month after discharge lochia clean and perineal wound healing to determine the steady state, so as to avoid perineal wound infection.

As for cesarean section wound, but also be sure to keep the wound dry, the doctor will usually affixed to the wound and cover cosmetology gum gauze, gauze four days can be removed in about one week cosmetology gum after a switch from breathable tape, each after showering and drying the wound should replace the tape.

Usually need to avoid pulling the wound should be avoided to the abdominal muscles will pull postpartum exercise, but should be gentle stretching exercises to assess the extent of the body can be tolerated in order to maintain muscle tone. 

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Article: Postpartum perineal wound care methods

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