Postpartum diet What are the precautions

Postpartum mothers should immediately breastfeeding newborns, and infants 1 year old is best to eat breast milk, experts say breast milk is the baby’s most natural nutrition, so mother postpartum, diet should pay attention to, so what needs attention?

Consumption of MSG has a serious impact on infant development, may result in infant mental retardation, growth retardation and other adverse consequences, so my mother is best not to eat MSG in lactation.

During the mother to pay attention to diet light, do not eat spicy food and carbohydrates, and nutrition should be balanced, you can drink trotters soup, bean soup, porridge and other food, can help milk, milk sufficient.

Pickled products contain a lot of salt, lactation can not eat salty, so try not to eat pickled products. Nipple too much salt, will increase the burden on the kidneys, adverse to the kidney, but also make additional blood pressure.

Breastfeeding mothers to balanced nutrition, diet should not picky eaters, like chickens, ducks, fish, meat, fruits, vegetables can be eaten together, but the need to pay attention to food cooking methods.

Lactation try not to eat fried food, know that fried food is too greasy maternal difficult to digest, after giving birth to their own digestive power is weak, deep-fried food nutrition greatly reduced in the frying process, maternal eating to restore Health adverse.

 Lactation diet should try to eat less spicy food, because the nurse to eat a spicy food, from the milk into the baby’s body, affecting the health of the baby. But eating a small amount of spices, such as pepper, vinegar, etc., or can.

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Article: Postpartum diet What are the precautions

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