Photosensitive fruits and vegetables affect skin whitening

Photosensitive foods are easy to make the skin black, because they are rich in copper, iron, zinc and other metal elements, these metal elements can be added directly or indirectly generate relevant tyrosine, tyrosinase and dopamine quinone and other substances with melanin the number of active, eat these foods will make your skin more vulnerable to UV rays injured and becomes black or have spot, so to moderate intake.

In general, the surface shiny fruit and contain volatile spicy smell or a special smell vegetables, mostly photosensitive, such as lemon, papaya, cucumber, citrus and so on. Sensitive fruits and vegetables suitable for night eating or after eating such sensitive fruits and vegetables, try to avoid the sun. When the skin is injured or burn recovery, to try to eat less sensitive fruits and vegetables. In addition, sweet potato, potato, spinach, leeks, celery, parsley, radish, beans, etc. These vegetables make easy to grow spot of skin pigmentation easy to grow even more.

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Article: Photosensitive fruits and vegetables affect skin whitening


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