People suffering from type 2 diabetes can not drink Alcohol

Diabetes is due to the concentration of glucose in the blood when the diagnostic criteria for diabetes (before meals Fasting> = 7.0mmol / L or postprandial 2hours peak reached 11.1mmol / L), a major clinical manifestations of endocrine diseases. Ie: more food, drink (dry mouth and increased water intake), polyuria, weight loss.

Doctors said alcohol will further damage the pancreatic tissue leaving difficult to control blood sugar, so diabetics can not drink. Specific reason is that alcohol on certain antidiabetic drugs interfere with the role of medication before and after drinking can weaken the efficacy, increase the risk of adverse reactions.

Most doctors will tell you that harm caused by alcohol due to diabetes is difficult to reverse, so limit alcohol drinking and the sooner the better, in a nutshell is that diabetes is best not to drink. Especially poor glycemic control, merger hepatobiliary disease, or in patients receiving insulin therapy, should be forbidden to drink.

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Article: People suffering from type 2 diabetes can not drink Alcohol


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