Peanut oil is more suitable for consumption in the elderly

Peanut oil has a peanut fragrance is people’s daily lives, a major edible oil. Peanut oil can be supplied to the body a lot of nutrition, but also can increase the food delicious, but to be on who is most suitable to eat peanut oil, or to be considered in the elderly.

The experts study confirmed that peanut the amount of zinc, is many times more salad, corn oil, canola oil, soybean oil. Although zinc lot of ways, but the fat is essential supplements everyday, so eating peanut oil is particularly suitable for people zinc supplementation.

Peanut oil also contains a variety of anti-aging ingredients, there is delay aging effect of brain function. Peanut oil also has a spleen and lungs, Solution food plot, flooding dirty worm effect.

In addition, nutritionists also found three kinds of peanut oil has longevity effect, protects the cardiovascular health ingredients: Resveratrol, monounsaturated fatty acids and β- sitosterol. Experiments show that these types of substances are cancer chemopreventive agent class of diseases, but also reduce platelet aggregation, prevention of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular chemopreventive agents of disease.

Peanut oil is easily absorbed by the body, having a degrading cholesterol, may protect the vessel wall to prevent thrombosis, thus helping to prevent atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease, so the peanut oil is ideal for the elderly, one of edible oils.

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Article: Peanut oil is more suitable for consumption in the elderly


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