Olive oil to remove blackheads

Olive oil skin care, including olive oil to remove blackheads, olive oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acid and various vitamins, easy to be absorbed by skin, fresh and natural, no greasy feeling, blackhead removal effect is remarkable.

1, first of all facial cleansing, hot towel after cleaning, surface covered about five minutes, the pores open.

2, put the olive oil evenly applied to the face, with blackheads areas.

3, well after applied of olive oil, hand in his face gently clockwise massage, massage for about 20 minutes, rinse with water, and now this time you can see the effects.

Warm Tips: When massage should pay attention to rub up and down method, nose gently massage circle to take because we skin more fragile after massage must be careful not to use excessive force, olive oil is recommended once a week to remove blackheads, Do not use too often, the use of frequent skin easily lead to injury.

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Article: Olive oil to remove blackheads


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