Older people need to add some vitamins?

The elderly due to the physiological changes of the parietal cell atrophy, decreased absorption of the small intestine, prone to vitamin deficiency, it is appropriate to add some vitamins in the elderly has its vital significance. In order to prevent the occurrence of vitamin deficiency, in order to health and longevity of the elderly, the elderly should pay attention to the intake or supplement the following types of vitamins:

Older persons should be properly supplemented fat-soluble vitamins:

Vitamin A: Vitamin A is the precursor of rhodopsin, and rhodopsin is an important material of rod-like cells in the retina under low light. Therefore, vitamin A has the function of maintaining normal vision and preventing night blindness. In addition, vitamin A is also an essential material for the growth of epithelial cells, which has the effect of maintaining the health of epithelial cells, increasing the resistance to infectious diseases and promoting their growth. Night blindness, keratosis epithelial tissue, is the main manifestation of vitamin A deficiency. Animal liver, milk, eggs, carrots, spinach, cabbage, persimmon, apricot and other vitamin A, there is a clear role in the prevention and treatment of vitamin A deficiency.

Vitamin D: Vitamin D has to enhance the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the small intestine, regulating the role of calcium and phosphorus metabolism. Most people get enough sunlight by sunlight D. The elderly due to liver and kidney dysfunction, regulate calcium and phosphorus metabolism was significantly reduced, susceptible to vitamin D deficiency, osteoporosis, prone to fracture, so the elderly need to be replenished Vitamin D. egg yolks, animal liver, milk and other rich in vitamin D, vitamin D prevention and treatment of the role.

Vitamin E: also known as tocopherols, with the maintenance of normal reproductive function, anti-oxidation, prevent muscle atrophy, anti-thromboxane synthesis, prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis and the role of prevention and treatment of heart disease. It is reported that vitamin E can also inhibit the formation of brown cortex, delay the formation of age spots, the role of anti-aging, therefore, the elderly appropriate amount of vitamin E (20-30 mg daily) is very necessary.

Older people need to add some vitamins?

Vitamin K: When the elderly coagulation disorders, the blood is not easy to coagulation, bleeding is not easy to stop bleeding, or senile purpura, vitamin K is necessary. Oral vitamin K4-8 mg / time, three times a day, but also daily intramuscular injection of vitamin K8 mg for treatment.

The amount of water-soluble vitamins added to the elderly

Vitamin B1: also known as thiamine, promote sugar oxidation in the body to prevent the body of pyruvate poisoning, prevent beriberi and neuritis, increase appetite and promote growth. Elderly due to phosphorylation of esterification dysfunction, or brain degeneration of vitamin B1 significantly lower utilization, it should be appropriate to add vitamin B1. If edema, more suitable for vitamin B1 indications. Peanuts, semi-sugar, wheat bran, animal offal, meat, eggs, vegetables rich in content.

Vitamin B2: Also known as riboflavin. There are deficiencies in the elderly, but few symptoms, such as angular cheilitis, mouth ulcers, the performance of vitamin B2 deficiency, need to be properly supplemented. Each oral vitamin (B2) mg three times a day for treatment.

Vitamin B6: also known as pyridoxine, amino acid transaminase and decarboxylase composition of coenzyme involved in lipid and amino acid metabolism, and immune function. Lack, the body antibodies to reduce immune function, it should pay attention to add. Beans, cereals, eggs, meat, yeast and semi-rich content of sugar.

Vitamin B12: its absorption by the endocrine endocrine carrier. However, the secretion of internal factors in the elderly decreased, so the absorption rate is greatly reduced, often causing vitamin B12 deficiency, showing the occurrence of megaloblastic anemia. Can be injected vitamin B12 to be supplemented, 100 micrograms per day can be.

Vitamin C: also known as ascorbic acid, a variety of functions, such as in vivo oxidation and reduction, and promote the formation of interstitial cells, detoxification, and promote wound healing, enhance low resistance, prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis, prevent aging and so on. Older people often due to smoking, drinking, surgery, myocardial infarction caused by vitamin deficiency, but rarely cause lack of symptoms. However, in order to lower serum cholesterol and prevent atherosclerosis, vitamin C supplementation is often beneficial. Jujube, hawthorn, oranges, strawberries, rape, tomatoes are rich in vitamin C.

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Article: Older people need to add some vitamins?


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