Often use the computer what to eat anti-hair loss

Computer workers what to eat?

People who work in computer hair loss were more likely reason is that these people use the brain a long time, attention highly concentrated, with the hair growth-related endocrine disorder, strong secretion of the sebaceous glands. It is proposed that “computer users” in his spare time in addition to ensuring adequate sleep, we must also eat plenty of nutritious foods to add to the hair, such as black sesame, walnut and so on.

Hair loss and other diseases, food conditioning is very important. The main components of hair, collagen, so to add high quality protein, eat more soy, black sesame, corn and other vegetable protein, animal protein such as pork ribs soup. Vitamin is also essential, celery, amaranth, spinach and other vegetables rich in vitamins, so eat more vegetables of great benefit for the treatment of hair loss.

Excessive intake of salt or animal fat, harmful to the blood circulation. Man hair loss, scalp have been hardened, so eat the food helps to soften the scalp. Such as soybeans, black beans, eggs, poultry, octopus, shrimp, cooked peanuts, spinach, carp, bananas, carrots, potatoes and other foods rich in iron.

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Article: Often use the computer what to eat anti-hair loss

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