Office OL family how to skin whitening and care

OL family most of the time spent in the office, following are the office skin whitening and care tips!

1, Professional isolation: the computer living eight hours a day, we will not only consume a lot of brain cells, but also make our skin in strong radiation environment has become dull no light, or even keep birth to pigmentation, dark circles and other. In this case, a radiation can effectively isolate the cream, has become the office whitening essential magic! Here suggest that you use a professional barrier creams.

2, Long-lasting water moisture: drink enough water your skin will be vibrant, and thus can better absorb the whitening skin care products, so moisture is a 24-hour lessons! Office air with low humidity and dry air, ventilation is limited. Skin stratum corneum can not be timely enough adjustment moisture factor, then more should always attention supply water, and carry a small bottle moisture spray can solve this problem, simple and convenient!

3, Antioxidant: oxidation the biggest threat to aging skin, it will destroy the one hand, the natural protective layer of the skin, reducing the immune system, so has the supporting role of collagen and elastic fibers degenerate, degraded; the other hand, will stimulate the excessive secretion of melanin, deeper brown spots after the sunlight, causing uneven skin tone. Under attack from both inside and outside the skin in such a lose luster, the aging. And strong computer radiation the skin oxidation rate will speed up ! Ingredients with Pomegranate products with enhanced body antioxidant defense system, to protect cells from their assault, enhanced metabolism, is an antioxidant of choice!

4, Reduce the sensitivity of food intake: whitening is a process internally and externally, the external maintenance of a temporary solution, so the diet also need extra attention. Sensitive food for human consumption after long-term exposure to sunlight or other strong light, will increase the vitality of melanoma cells, making the skin black or produce spots. Love whitening you must pay attention to reduce the intake of these foods, such as: snail, shepherd’s purse, rape, spinach, lettuce, figs, parsley, celery, leeks, red beans, etc., should drink less coffee.

5, Suitable for their whitening products: when the choice whitening products must be careful to choose a good absorption product, enabling more effective whitening.

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Article: Office OL family how to skin whitening and care

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