Natural lipid-lowering foods make you eat healthy and slim body

Food brings us not only delicious, as well as the efficacy of good health and disease prevention, but also some foods are natural lipid-lowering foods, are more effective than synthetic lipid-lowering drugs. This is for women, to have these natural lipid-lowering foods, they no longer worry about obese. What foods can lose weight?’ll Give you the answer.

1, Hawthorn: promote cholesterol excretion

Hawthorn is the main ingredient containing hawthorn acid, citric acid, lipolysis acid, vitamin C, flavonoids, carbohydrates, etc. These ingredients can play dilate blood vessels, improve microcirculation, reduce blood pressure, promote excretion of cholesterol and reduce blood fat disease prevention and health function, is a natural lipid-lowering drugs. Because Hawthorn is an acidic food, remember not fasting eating, best eaten half an hour after a meal.

2, The green beans: prevention of coronary heart disease

In summer, green beans is the best clear hot weather share, with detoxification, lowering blood lipids, prevent coronary heart disease, protect the heart, and other effects. Experts in animal experiments show that green beans have effectively reduced the role of triglycerides, serum cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein, and for coronary atherosclerosis significantly reduced. Clinical practice has proved that if the patient is suffering from hyperlipidemia, an appropriate amount of daily consumption of green beans, can help lower cholesterol function.

3, Shiitake mushrooms: lowering blood pressure

According to experts, mushrooms have fat free, digestion, blood pressure and other health effects. And mushrooms contain cellulose, can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis good helper, can also prevent constipation, reduce the intestinal absorption of cholesterol. Mushrooms contain special A shiitake mushrooms purine nucleic acids, can promote the decomposition of cholesterol. In order to reduce total cholesterol and triglycerides who would often eat shiitake mushrooms.

4, The sweet potato: prevention of atherosclerosis

Experts say that eating the right amount of sweet potatoes, can effectively prevent lipid deposition of the cardiovascular system, the prevention of atherosclerosis, subcutaneous fat be reduced, prevent the emergence of obesity phenomenon.

5. Cucumbers: remove heat quench their thirst diuretic

Cucumber has a functional of removing heat, thirst, urination and other disease prevention regimen. Good taste, crisp and refreshing, in fact, cucumbers contain cellulose can promote intestinal metabolism and excretion of food waste, but also reduce the absorption of cholesterol. Cucumber contains a unique substance called “alcohol acid”, can inhibit carbohydrate into fat in the body of the function, more weight loss and health effects of lipid metabolism adjustment is necessary for good food at home.

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Article: Natural lipid-lowering foods make you eat healthy and slim body


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