Methods of treatment of hypertension

Experts pointed out: for the in patients with hypertension, not fear. Hypertensive patientis not suitable for large amplitude motions and highly competitive activities, but proper, appropriate amount of exercise to treat hypertension. No matter what method of , the purpose is to let the blood pressure is reduced to the annotation values in patients with hypertension were normal before treatment, must by the doctor’s examination, the diagnosis of disease.

First of all, can take some non drug treatments, including the dietotherapy, tea therapy, sports health care method.Some endurance exercise and aerobic exercise, such as brisk walking, jogging, riding a bicycle canantihypertensive. The amount of physical exercise is a good treatment method, will not have side effects on the health of the body, persevere exercise can make blood pressure decreased significantly.

Method for treating hypertension can take a low sodium diet in dietary respect, should pay attention to the supplement of potassium, calcium and more food in daily life. Less salt, daily salt intake of 5 grams is appropriate.Usually should eat more vegetables, fruits, with the regular consumption of milk, kelp, fish and other beneficialantihypertensive and nutritious food. The diet should be moderate, not overeating, weight close to the standard,with the loss of body weight, blood pressure will fall.

In the treatment of hypertension during, be sure to keep a good mood, a good attitude. Too much pressure, mental tension, sadness and happiness will lead to increased blood pressure, which affects the treatment result. In general, can be summarized as follows:

1, a reasonable diet;

2, regular exercise;

3, smoking and alcohol limit;

4, psychological balance;

5, the daily treatment;

6, timely medical treatment.

The most important point is the daily treatment of hypertension treatment, long-term high blood pressure can lead to a variety of diseases, hypertensive nephropathy is one of the. So patients according to their condition choose a certain method to carry on the treatment, so as to ensure the good treatment effect, lower blood pressure more effectively, and promote their own health.

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Article: Methods of treatment of hypertension


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