Menstrual sex life a lot of harm

Menstrual sex life affect you? In the menstrual period must not have sex, because at this time as the endometrium bleeding, pelvic congestion, vaginal pH changes, dilation of the cervix slightly systemic physiological changes, just a favorable opportunity for bacterial growth, genitals after sex the chance of infection is very large, severe cases may even affect fertility.

First, because both sides excited penis causes the female genital hyperemia leading to increased menstrual flow, menstrual extension.

Second, this time sexual intercourse, the male genitalia may put bacteria into the vagina, blood is a good medium for bacteria and other microbes, bacteria can easily breed, along many small wounds and rupture of small blood vessels proliferation of endometrial, intrauterine infection film, even involving the fallopian tubes and pelvic organs, which cause unnecessary trouble to the woman.

Third, menstrual secretions into the urethra in men, may also cause urethritis produce.

Fourth, intercourse during menstruation because sperm in endometrial breakage and spilled blood cells encounter, even into the blood, can induce anti-sperm antibodies, leading to immune infertility, infertility.

Fifth, sexual intercourse during menstruation, due to the contraction of the uterus during sexual arousal, but also to squeeze into the pelvic endometrial debris, causing endometriosis, leading to the occurrence of infertility.

Thus, for the body and the common future of both sides, do not go to make an exception, if necessary, can be taken to help her husband to masturbate as a way to release him “sexuality too full” state. But no matter under what circumstances, things should be prohibited.

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Article: Menstrual sex life a lot of harm

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