Menstrual period do not do five things

What cant do in Menstrual period?

1. Do not massage hammer waist

Consequences: cause excessive menstrual flow, menstrual period extended

Many women during menstruation will feel more tired than usual, general soreness and fatigue, so many people will do massage. In fact, women in the menstrual period, is best to avoid the waist, foot massage. And this and of promoting blood circulation drugs the same thing, the same may lead to further increase in the amount menstruation. In addition, there are many women in the menstrual severe backache, back pain phenomenon, massage or others may choose to beat their way to relieve lower back fatigue and soreness. Women in the menstrual period backache phenomenon is very normal and is due to pelvic congestion caused, then the blind or beat vigorously massage the waist, will lead to more severe pelvic congestion, but will make backache, back pain phenomenon intensified.

2. Do not singing out loud
Consequences: the vocal cords may be injured
Menstrual period only pelvic congestion, throat and vocal cords nasopharyngeal mucosa capillaries and also have a certain degree of hyperemia and edema, if this time, sound, singing incorrectly, women are likely to encounter throat broken capillaries, resulting in short ‘speechless’. Women do not have too much tension, in most cases, normal voice singing, talking should not be a problem, but if the long treble soared, challenging domain loud songs, you can cause vocal cord injury. Experts suggest that if women want to participate in singing during menstruation activity or speech, should note the following: Note protect the throat, audible time not too long, not too much force; if there are serious vocal hoarseness, it is timely to specialist medical examination ; the prevention of upper respiratory tract infections, such diseases will increase the destruction of the larynx.

3. Do not drink
Consequences: easy drunkenness to cause liver problems
Some studies show that female hormone levels during menstruation significant volatility, this time drinking drunken more than usual, and the burden of alcohol on the liver will be further aggravated, it is proposed that a female friend to drink as little as possible during menstruation. Women at this stage in vivo activity of enzymes break down at a low level, the decomposition of alcohol decreased ability to digest, making it difficult alcohol excreted rapidly from the blood, while staying within the body of harmful substances will evolve. To remove these harmful substances, must continue to break down the human liver to produce enzymes, making the load than usual to increase a lot, it is easy to accidentally cause liver problems. In addition, experts also analyzed that alcohol may accelerate blood circulation, thereby inducing increased menstrual flow, drinking cold beer, etc. are also cause dysmenorrhea.

4. Do tooth extraction
Consequences: easy massive hemorrhage and cause infection
Do not menstrual tooth extraction because in the menstrual period, the female body to reduce the number of platelets, blood coagulation lower than usual, if this conduct invasive surgery, including tooth extraction process, are likely to be difficult to stop bleeding, causing more bleeding than usual surgery, bleeding time longer. According to the research findings, pain sensory nerve during menstruation women sensitive than usual, but the body resistance is weak, so the tooth extraction will feel pain menstrual period doubling, and infection rates substantially. If done during menstruation tooth extraction process, must face the tooth extraction is complete intraoral longer leave the smell of blood, causing appetite is affected. Therefore, we recommend that women must avoid the menstrual period tooth extraction.

5. Do not use of promoting blood circulation drugs
Consequences: will increase the menstrual blood flow, causing anemia
In general, blood health products, of promoting blood circulation drugs should be disabled during the menstrual period, but many women do not know, found himself suddenly increased menstrual flow, severe and even lead to severe anemia or menstrual bleeding. Use of blood during menstruation, blood drugs, it will increase the flow of menstrual blood, causing unnecessary excessive menstrual flow, menstrual bleeding may also affect other drug efficacy. Blood and health care products, oral liquid based, and of promoting blood circulation topical and oral medications are divided two kinds, especially in traditional Chinese medicine-based. Many Chinese medicine blood stasis both anticoagulant, antithrombotic effect, use will dilate blood vessels, increase blood flow, causing further loss of excessive menstrual blood. Western medicine, there are many drugs dilate blood vessels, such as aspirin and so may lead to heavy bleeding during menstruation.

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Article: Menstrual period do not do five things

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