Menopausal woman comprehensive sex proposal

One pair live in New York have been married for 20 years, before their sexual life was enriched. 40-year-old stepped into the threshold can, everything changed: the wife could not afford to hook her husband’s desire, sex becomes outdated embarrassment, once sweetly relationship began to sour. Published in the United States, “Reader’s Digest” on a reported that nearly middle-aged couples, sex is prone to problems, adjust well, sex is better than when I was younger, adjustment is not good, it will endanger the marriage. To this end, the United States more than sexologist readers Weapon, let you love after 40 years is still great.

Understand the natural changes in the body

“After 40 years, both men and women, their physical, mental and hormones will change, which of course also includes an active organ.” Winston-Salem, North Carolina-clinical psychologist Salil Shu Mach said. For women, the vaginal tissue becomes thin, dry, lubricate it more slowly, once pleasant caress, and now may be uncomfortable, even painful. If women do not understand these changes, it may complain that her husband is too rough, the husband may mistakenly believe she has lost interest in sex. Man’s body will change, the most important is testosterone, a man’s testosterone levels peaked at 20-30 years old, will gradually decline thereafter. A French study showed that men after the age of 40, testosterone levels drop by 25%, which would greatly reduce the libido.

Since these changes do not upset all day

Luol Su Jiawei Mount Sinai School of Medicine Human Research Projects Research Center found that, after 40 years, although the male sexual desire and sexual activity will decrease testosterone levels gradually decline, but their sexual satisfaction does not change ʱ?? And women feel discomfort in sexual life, the solution is very simple – change your position, or use some lubricant.

Sex speed adjustment

“Young people’s sexual quick and enthusiastic,” said Professor Richard Ho 仑特 Kay Road, London professor of human biology at Stanford University, said men over 20 years of age, you can reach climax in 2-5 minutes after the start; and the wife may also warm up. However, after a man 40 years old, will take longer to reach orgasm, he will become more in tune with his wife, on a slow, sensual allure more interested. Therefore, the 40-year-old, male sex to slow down the speed, which can enhance the pleasure of both parties.

See more action and less

United States of Sex Educators, Therapists Association Chairman Judith Cypriot Buddha said: “Young people may see a hat and a corset will erect floor, but after 35 years, to stimulate the visual effect will become weak, kissing and caressing easier to arouse his impulses. “A University of Chicago study found that 25-29-year-old man in time to see his wife undress, 51% of people become very excited, to 40 years, this ratio is less than 40%. Thus, between husband and wife should be more action.

Woman Dominant

Hormone changes, will couple into the new state. Men become more willing to follow, he would be glad to lead by the wife; and women will become more active. Adapt to this new balance, so that the couple will get more “sex feeling.”

From quantity to quality

For mature couples, both sides should not be too much emphasis on the frequency, but should pay more attention to quality, and strive to make each time more special, exciting and memorable.

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Article: Menopausal woman comprehensive sex proposal


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