Men how to skin care in winter

The onset of winter, the ability of the body’s metabolism as temperatures gradually reduce abatement, sweat glands, skin glands will reduce secretion, and lose more moisture, which is directly on people’s skin becomes very dry, very tight. skin care has got the attention of more and more men, the cold season, the men of the office workers must adhere to the rules, keep your skin comfortable through the winter.

Methods / steps

Adhere to the massage: Massage the skin surface can senescent cells fall off in a timely manner, to promote the facial blood circulation, improve skin respiration, increased secretion of the sebaceous glands and sweat skin nutrition, improve the vitality of the deep skin cells, making the skin shiny and elastic.

Shave correctly: Men beard grow faster, and some people particularly thick beard also need regular shaving, shaving. Shave should be selected in the morning because the face and epidermis are in a relaxed state.

Do not smoke: If you want your face clean and shiny, men must want to quit smoking. Because cigarettes contain a variety of harmful substances, such as nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide, which can damage human health, the dark skin matt. Smoked, such as life, ranging from face gray and dry, many wrinkles was old, black tooth browned, vision, hearing loss, while cancer.

Antifreeze: often in outdoor work and activities of the men, winter to avoid frozen.Go out to put some grease or antifreeze cream to prevent facial frostbite or chapped. Put some moisturizing cream at night before going to sleep, if chapped lips, can be coated lipstick, adequate nutrition to the skin and kept moist sheen.

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Article: Men how to skin care in winter

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