Men how to deal with dry skin

Men’s skin is different from women, strong oil secretion, metabolism fast, easy to produce skin surface sebum garbage. Autumn dry skin moisturizer focusing. So, how should men moisturizer in order to get rid of facial dry?

1. Facial moisturizing spray

Moisturizing spray can be made at the time to add moisture to dry skin, spray water agent can easily use in your free time, you can improve your skin rough issue.

2. Gel-like moisturizing cream

After using lotion for skin hydration and nutrition, cream products can play a role in the isolation layer, the isolation layer can effectively control the evaporation of water inside the cell. Gel-like moisturizing cream, not only delicate touch, feel and use fresh, and which contains moisture, water can be added to the depths of the skin. You can make the skin as a whole to maintain moisture.

3. After shaving moisturizer

Repeated shaving, the skin is dry, shaving foam and in the stimulation of the stratum corneum of the skin broken off. Therefore, you should use moisturizer after shaving the efficacy of skin care products, complete protection of the stratum corneum.

4. Moisturizing essence

His face is not oil, but the pores large, this is because the elasticity of the skin is not enough, pores look relaxed, which is a sign of skin aging, which requires the use of moisturizing essence. Moisturizing essence can dry skin redness in the state to use, thereby strengthening skin elasticity, improve the appearance of fine lines. When using the best plus massage to promote blood circulation.

5. Sunscreen

UV make your skin dry, can cause pigmentation and wrinkles. You can use sunscreen every day, but it must be applied evenly to isolate UV rays.

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Article: Men how to deal with dry skin


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