Mango yellow fruits and vegetables – to help you easy weight loss

Yellow food carrot represented carotene it contains helps protect the eyes and skin cancer prevention. Soybeans, apricots are rich in vitamin A, vitamin D is essential to the human body less nutrients for maintaining the normal function of the body and health has an extremely important role. Spleen yellow food can enhance gastrointestinal function, restore energy, vitality supplement, and thus alleviate the debilitating symptoms of female hormone secretion. Yellow food on the digestive system is very effective, but also helpful for memory loss.


Since mango contains a lot of vitamins, so regular consumption of mango, moisturize the skin can play a role. Mango also control high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis. Mango contains nutrients and vitamin c, minerals, etc., in addition to the anti-cancer effect, but also the prevention of atherosclerosis and hypertension have a therapeutic effect. Mango soil containing large amounts of fiber can promote bowel movements, for the prevention and treatment of constipation has certain advantages. There prevent constipation, clear the stomach effect.


Carrots, sweet natured; lungs, spleen; has spleen and digestion, laxative, insecticide, row gasification stagnation, eyesight and other effects; attending loss of appetite, bloating, diarrhea, cough, sputum, depending the material is unknown. Radish contains plant fibers, absorbent, easy expansion of the volume in the gut, is the gut “filling material”, can enhance intestinal peristalsis, which Lee diaphragm wide intestine, bowel cancer prevention. Carrots also contain hypoglycemic substances, the food is good for people with diabetes, which contains certain ingredients, such as negligent mesothelin, mountain standard phenol can increase coronary blood flow, reduce blood fat, promote the synthesis of epinephrine, as well as step-down , cardiac function, hypertension, coronary heart disease diet quality goods.


Regular consumption of soy protein and soy products like food, energy nutrition, skin, muscle and hair, the skin moist and delicate, elastic, so that the muscles plump and firm, and the hair black and shiny, people prolong youth. Soybeans contain soluble fiber, either constipation, as well as lower cholesterol levels; soybeans contain a substance inhibiting trypsin, have a therapeutic effect on diabetes, lowering blood pressure can. Soy contains saponins have significant lipid-lowering effect, but can inhibit weight gain.

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Article: Mango yellow fruits and vegetables – to help you easy weight loss


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