Lutein supplement to maintain good baby vision

Effect of on Vision Myopia is now common in children, young, you must wear a pair of heavy glasses, the eyes of the children covered with water Wang Wang! Want to keep your baby’s eyesight good? is an important element that protects the eyes and slows the aging of the eyes. Through the intake of adequate fruits and vegetables, especially dark green vegetables, red yellow fruits and vegetables to supplement lutein; also in daily life to avoid overuse, maintain the good habits of the eye, in order to keep the eyes light, away from myopia! eye natural antioxidants What is lutein? What are the benefits to the body? How should babies eat? In fact, lutein is a carotenoid. Although there are more than 50 carotenoids in the diet, only and Zeaxanthin accumulate in the macula on the retina, It is also known as macular pigment. Retina and macula are responsible for imaging, fine vision and sharpness, weekdays to distinguish color, reading literacy and other work needs it, if the macular and retinal long-term lack of both lutein and zeaxanthin, it will affect vision, severe symptoms Who, even the risk of blindness. Rainbow fruits and vegetables daily natural supplement of lutein has a strong protective effect on eyesight, so how to supplement? Because the human body can not synthesize lutein, so from the food supplement. is found in colored fruits and green vegetables; zeaxanthin is limited to some yellow-orange fruits and vegetables.

Lutein food source: Lutein Source: spinach, lettuce, green broccoli, cabbage, celery, okra, egg yolk, carrot, corn, pumpkin, papaya, melon, pomegranate, orange, orange, peach and so on. Zeaxanthin source of corn, egg yolk, orange, papaya, yellow pepper, Chinese wolfberry and so on. Among them, spinach has the highest lutein content. Other food lutein content may not be high spinach, but parents can grasp the “Rainbow fruits and vegetables” principle, the use of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white and other colors of fruits and vegetables with, to enrich children’s nutrition, do A balanced diet, lay a healthy foundation. For example, if you take 2 servings of 3 vegetables per day, it is recommended that dark vegetables account for 1/2 ~ 2/3, so the fruit may change a lot in different colors, Eat more types of nutrients, parents can also make their own vegetable juice, to enhance children’s eating interest and lutein intake.

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Article: Lutein supplement to maintain good baby vision

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