Knowledge of protein and healthy

Protein is found in 1838 by Gerrit of Scientists in the Netherlands . He observed that living things left protein can not survive. Protein in vivo is an extremely important organic polymer, accounting for 54% of human body weight. Protein mainly composition by the amino acid . Due to amino acids combination and arranged in different, which consists of various types of protein. The human body is estimated that more than 100,000 kinds of proteins. Life is an advanced form of motion of matter, this movement pattern is achieved by proteins, so proteins are extremely important biological significance. Human growth, development, movement, genetics, breeding and all other life activities are inseparable from the protein. Life movement needs the protein, also inseparable from the protein.

Some of the human body physiologically active substances such as amines, neurotransmitters, peptide hormones, antibodies, enzymes, nuclear protein and the cell membrane, in the blood play “carrier” role of the protein can not do without proteins, its modulates physiological functions, to maintain metabolism plays an important role. Human motion systems in muscle composition and muscle contraction, for power, to complete the course of action metabolism are all related with protein, leaving the protein, physical exercise would be impossible.

Protein and health. In biology, the protein is interpreted as the amino acids connected by peptide bonds to form polypeptide, and then connected from the peptide to form the material. Some easy to understand that it is constituted human tissues and organs of the stent and the main material. In human life, activities, plays an important role, we can say there is no life activities exist without protein . Daily dietary protein found mainly in meat, eggs, beans and fish.

Protein deficiency: adults: muscle wasting, body decreased immunity, anemia, severe cases will result in edema. Minors: stagnation of growth, anemia, poor intellectual development, vision is poor.

Excessive protein: protein in the body can not be stored, more, the body can not absorb. Excessive intake of protein, will be due to metabolic disorders, resulting in protein poisoning and even death.

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Article: Knowledge of protein and healthy

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