Infants within 1 year old should not drink honey

Honey nutritious diet is the public to share. Many new mums also add honey to complementary foods for infants and young children to regulate their taste and increase their nutritional value. However, experts point out that infants and young children less than 1 year old are not suitable for consumption of honey.

Infants within 1 year old should not drink honey

Dietitians said that honey during brewing, transportation, vulnerable to Botox contamination, because bees pollen in the process of pollination may be contaminated pollen and honey back to the beehive. Botulinum spores are very adaptable and still survive at a high temperature of 100 ° C. Because infants have weaker gastrointestinal functions and liver detoxification is poor, especially in infants less than 6 months of age, botulism tends to multiply in the gut and produce toxins, causing poisoning.

In addition, the experts also reminded infants and young children over the age of 1 to drink honey also be careful, compared with adult the amount of consumption should be reduced appropriately.

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Article: Infants within 1 year old should not drink honey


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