Infants and young children can drink yogurt?

Yogurt is ideal for infants and young children. Physiological characteristics of infants and young children is rapid growth and development, the need for nutrition, but the stomach capacity is small, so should choose nutrients with high energy density of food. Drinking of yogurt in four areas can prove to be the ideal baby food.

1. Nutrients, high energy density. Yogurt and milk are similar, easy to digest, especially suitable for infants and young immature digestive system.

2. Yogurt contains galactose. Galactose is a component of cerebroside that forms the brain and nervous system and is closely related to the rapid brain growth after birth.

3. Adequate lactic acid bacteria. Yogurt contains sufficient lactic acid bacteria, and the acidity is appropriate, regular drink yogurt can effectively inhibit the production of harmful bacteria, improve immunity, which can prevent diarrhea or shorten the duration of chronic diarrhea and reduce the incidence of acute diarrhea.

4. Stronger feeling of fullness. Weaning is a special period in which babies are transformed from liquid foods to adult solid foods. Yogurt is a semi-solid food that has a stronger satiety than milk and is suitable for guiding the infant’s transition from liquid food to solid food .


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Article: Infants and young children can drink yogurt?

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