In our lives to make several food man health anti acne.

Whether the life of men and women, blain grew on the face, is a special headache, some people will use hand to squeeze, did not improve, will leave ugly scars, acne is a very stubborn skin problems,attention to male friend’s diet, in order to effectively solve the acne, to conditioning from the inside,here are several can be anti acne food.

Anti acne food 1, tomato

The tomato is beauty and skin care of good ingredients, is also a kind of acne food, it containslycopene has obvious antioxidant effect, can reduce free radical damage in the skin, effective acne,can help you whitening! People want whitening can eat 2~3 times the tomatoes in a week

Anti acne food 2, apple

Apple’s high nutritional value, it contains abundant acid, can dredge pores, reduce the production of acne, eat apples can also improve acne.

Anti acne food 3, cherry

The cherry is the blood and Qi fruit, eat cherry can make the skin tender and smooth, ruddy face,but also can Phytosome acne, make the skin more flexible.

Anti acne food 4, cucumber

Cucumber is a kind of natural beauty of food, it is rich in vitamins, deposited on the face can beeffective acne, can let the skin become moist and white.

Anti acne food 5, carrot

High in beta carotene with antioxidant and whitening effect, and can clear the skin of excess horny,slow down the greasy situation, let blain blain lack of living environment.

Anti acne food 6, ginger

Ginger has a bactericidal anti-inflammatory effect, put it into pieces after the paste in a place long acne, can significantly eliminate acne, inhibit the growth of granulation tissue.

Anti acne food 7, grape

Containing the components of polyphenols in grape, can help us to delay aging, but also deepnourish the skin, promote skin of newborn, effectively inhibit the production of acne, acne is a kind of nourishing food.

Above a few kinds of acne can be food, are particularly common in life, if the men face a longhateful acne, can often eat these fruits, vegetables, is not only beneficial to health, but also caneffectively dispel blain blain on the face, it is shoot two hawks with one arrow.

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Article: In our lives to make several food man health anti acne.


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