In Fall eczema prevention measures

Fall precautions have? Fall is dermatitis and -prone season, so, my friends usually must be in their lives and actively making the prevention of , otherwise sick, plagued by problem, especially in infants and young children, is easily repeated episodes into chronic , serious consequences.

To keep the work and rest

Eczema requirements should be the law of life, pay attention to work and rest, because usually must pay attention to develop good habits, attention to their diet, do not do any work, and only so in order to avoid the emergence of eczema.

Avoid rapid temperature changes

Prevent eczema also need to be taken to avoid rapid temperature changes, rapid temperature changes may be the cause of eczema, from a warm house into the cold outdoors, into the hot water bath or from the air-conditioned room, could trigger the disease. Wear more layers of cotton clothing to protect you the best way to avoid rapid temperature changes.

To avoid a variety of external stimuli

If patients with allergies or allergic, you also need to avoid a variety of external stimuli, such as hot water wash, scratching, sun and other to avoid easy sensitized and food stimulation measures, one of which is eczema.

Watchful eye of dry air

The prevention of eczema also need to beware of the dry air, dry air dermatitis worse, especially when winter indoor use Heating, should be the first considerations of patients and their families to maintain the humidity of the indoor air, so then you should consider using the moisture machine, and every room should have one.

Friends of patients should pay attention to the clothing should be loose, to reduce friction and irritation, must not allow the risk of chemical fiber and woolen goods in direct contact with the skin, can also reduce eczema.

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Article: In Fall eczema prevention measures

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