Improve skin problems can choose vitamin c

Mention of vitamin c, in many people’s minds will first automatically generated keywords care is the “white” and, indeed, whether it is a derivative of vitamin c vc itself or through a complex chemical transformation, they have a very strong tyrosine enzyme inhibition against melanoma can help the skin to restore and maintain the white appearance. But you know, a strong effect of vitamin c is not only reflected in the white, there are many other skin problems also can use it to improve.

Derivative action 1: dilute traces

Adding a high concentration of vitamin c content of skin care products, not only can help fade spots, even out skin tone, facial lines can also be retired, this is because of the high concentration of vitamin c can effectively penetrate the stratum corneum, the skin penetration into the interior, direct stimulation collagen tissue muscle at the end, so a lot of collagen production, so that the skin surface becomes smooth abundance.

Derivatization 2: fine pores

The chemical name is called vitamin c ascorbic acid, is an organic substances, so the fruit contains vitamin c has a sweet taste but mixed with acid. It is because of vitamin c also have a skin exfoliation properties other acidic ingredients, so containing a higher concentration of vitamin c skin care products, not only can stimulate collagen newborn, can also promote the aging of the skin cells fall off, so that the pores from the inside outside the tight sense of recovery

Derivatization 3: improve the color

Many times skin looks bright enough not solely caused by pigmentation, there may be because the skin by free radical attack and become dull yellowish. Vitamin c has a strong antioxidant capacity, can significantly neutralize free radicals and improve skin color caused by the oxidation of uneven dark, glossy brighten skin from the underlying skin.

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Article: Improve skin problems can choose vitamin c


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